Frequently Asked Questions

Is the car engine running during simulation?

No. The car ignition key, however, should be in an "ignition" or "instrumentation" position. This is necessary to unlock the steering column and to enable operation of an on-board sound system.

Will I flood the carburetor by pressing on the gas?

No. You will not flood the carburetor unless the car is really old (and indeed still has a carburetor). Most (if not all) modern cars use fuel injection systems.

How will I be able to turn the steering wheel without power assistance?

The only reason you cannot turn the steering wheel of a parked car is due to tremendous friction between the steered wheels and the pavement. Once your car is atop of the simulator's turntables, the friction is eliminated and you can operate the steering wheel even without power assistance.

Will the System work in the rain or snow?

Even though the Drive Square Simulation System can withstand a short rain or snowfall, is not designed to work under direct contact with rain or snow. No part of the simulator shall be submerged in a puddle of water. We recommend using a garage bay, a space in a covered parking structure or a car port if precipitation is expected.

Does the Drive Square Simulation System have "forced feedback" to the steering wheel?

 » Technical details are herePDF

Can I damage the car if I run over the turntable ramps?

The turntables are 3.25" tall. Even the smallest cars we know on the US market can safely drive over these ramps. However if you think you have an unusually low sitting car - it does not hurt to check the manual for ground clearance.

What is your simulated Field-of-View (FOV)?

Nearly 360° with driver head turns. The driver can see about 40° from any given head position.

What is the biggest/heaviest vehicle can I put on the Simulator?

Round 20" ramps were designed for 20,000 lbs maximum load on the front axle when equipped with the Heavy Vehicle Kit.

Can I use the Simulator with a Bus, FedEx, UPS, or Postal trucks?

Yes. You can use it, in fact, with about anything that has wheels.

Can I teach/learn advanced vehicle handling using your Simulator?

Generally learning advanced vehicle handling is not appropriate with any simulator. Vehicle handling requires accurate vehicle motion/acceleration feedback to the driver. Fixed-base simulators do not produce that feedback.

Even very advanced full motion base simulators with 7-digit price tags only imitate scaled-down versions of vehicle accelerations.

Vehicle handling can be best learned on a driving range/track using cones.

What skills can I teach/learn on this Simulator?

Contact us to inquire about the specific research/training topic you need to address. We would be happy to share the information we have, including research papers and specific driving scenarios, that may be applicable to your needs.

I used XYZ simulator before and I designed many driving scenarios for it. Can I use the scenarios with your Simulator?

Yes. Here are 3 ways to go about it:

  1. Use Scenario and Terrain (if applicable) editing tools to port your scenarios to our Simulator.
  2. Ask us to do it for you!
  3. We may be able to integrate XYZ software with our Simulation System. We would be happy to work with your software vendor.

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