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Marine behind the wheel of the Driving Simulator - goggles (HMD) head shot

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HMMWV Driving Simulator Set-up

Driving Simulators for Military, Convoy, Motorcade, Mission Rehearsal

Drive a HMMWV, a light car or an SUV in the Virtual Battlespace VBS2™ premium synthetic environment. The Drive Square Simulation System™ seamlessly integrates with VBS2™ software by Bohemia Interactive. This true multi-player environment can integrate drivers and non-drivers into a single synthetic environment.

VBS2™ offers an extensive set of tools to build virtual training scenarios and terrain models. Iraq’s Baghdad Green Zone and As Samawah terrains as well as a few others are already included in the package.

Just about any vehicle of NATO and non-NATO military forces are supported and are already included in the massive model database.

The Drive Square Simulation System™ will allow your drivers to safely practice:
VBS2 Screen Shot (clickable)
VBS2 Screen Shot (clickable)

VBS2™ is currently used by many military organizations worldwide, including NATO, USMC, ADF and UK MoD for mission rehearsal, tactical training and simulated combined arms exercises.

The Drive Square Driving Simulator is portable and easy to use. It can be brought to a location of convenience, instead of bringing the personnel to a training center. When not using the simulator for training, it can be used for outreach and recruitment purposes.

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